Polished Concrete

The exceptional level of light reflectivity found in polished concrete is a fantastic choice for office buildings, restaurants, hotels, and the likes because it presents a very modern clinical look.

Polished concrete is the process of grinding gradually and honing the surface with reducing abrasives to the point that you attain a polished finish, it is not sealed. It is a very versatile finish in that you can choose to have a level of sheen that will meet your requirements for maintenance and practicality. It is because of this versatility that it is ideal for many different indoor environments including residential, corporate and industrial applications.

Polished concrete also does away with the need for messy coatings and waxes as well as the ongoing expense of regularly applying them. Because it is such a hard surface it will resist stains from oil and chemicals and truck and forklift tyres.

Each installation of polished concrete is unique – concrete is supplied from different quarries  and the aggregates that are revealed within each slab through the grinding process will always be different. You can add any number of different coloured aggregate, shells, glass or even pieces of mirror, if you want a floor that really shines! Colour could also be added to the cement in the concrete mix. The colour combinations are endless and dyes can be used to match your décor, even decorative patterns and logo’s can be cut into the slab for those who really want to take their project to the next level.

A honed finish involves  applying a coating to the ground concrete. It is applied to protect the concrete surface and because there are not as many stages involved in honing, this is a cheaper option. Polished concrete is very smooth so it is not suitable for exterior areas that may get wet – honing may be a better option.

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There are four levels of finish:

Polished Concrete - CreamCream: after polishing,  no aggregate exposed. When stained, this will have the strongest colours.

Polished Concrete - Salt and PepperSalt and Pepper: only the finer aggregates are exposed which gives the look of “salt and pepper”.

Polished Concrete - MediumMedium Exposure: the majority of the surface paste is removed and a large amount of aggregate will show.

Polished Concrete - Full AggregateFull Exposure: all of the surface paste is removed and the larger aggregates are exposed. This is the most time consuming and therefore comes at the highest cost of the four.