Concrete Preparation

Concrete Preparation is the most critical factor when covering concrete with and overlay.

Concrete overlays are installed to look like plain concrete again or to be upgraded to a decorative finish. Surfaces are also prepared prior to various flooring solutions in industrial, commercial, and institutional applications.

The most important characteristic for resurfacing materials or floor coatings is the texture of the concrete.

The procedures will vary depending on the condition and age of the concrete but this can be determined by the guideines recommended by the manufacturer. In order for the condition of the existing concrete to be assessed by a professional to encure good overlay bonding and performance.

The basic steps in surface preparation include:

  • Cleaning the concrete to remove anything that could inhibit the ability of the overlay to bond, including any coatings, sealers or paints that may have been applied to the concrete.
  • Removing any damaged concrete
  • Filling any cracks
  • Profiling, or roughening, the concrete surface to improve the “grip” of the overlay.

Overlooking the prep work, or not doing the job thoroughly, is the most common cause of overlay failure.  It only stands to reason that if you intend on spending the money on the overlay that the critical element of preparing the concrete not be overlooked.  This way you will be happy with the final look and the long life of your new concrete overlay

 Concrete preparation