Concrete Crack Repairs

In Canterbury cracked concrete has become something we all see every day. Cracks in buildings however are a serious concern and can decrease the integrity of the structure and also the appearance and value.

Doctor Concrete specializes in repairing your concrete to maximize the structural strength and restore it’s pre-cracked appearance.

However most cracks pose no structural concern, and can be repaired easily, quickly and affordably.

Doctor Concrete uses high quality, durable and reputable products and are approved Fosroc and Parchem applicators for all concrete repair systems.

We repair:

  • earthquake- damaged concrete
  • aged cracked concrete
  • concrete which has cracked due to shrinkage
  • vehicle impact damaged concrete

For cosmetic appearance we also spray down re-surfacing or Cova-Crete which we can colour match to make your concrete look uniform. Many different looks can be achieved by a variety of different patterns and techniques. This technique is also great where you want to lay new concrete next to an old slab and you want it to match. The new concrete can be laid and finished and then they can both be re-surfaced.

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